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RF Propagation Information/tools
Here are websites with information concerning RF propagation modeling.

  • SEAMCAT®, Monte-Carlo simulation statistical modelling of radio interference SeamCat
  • NTIA Longley Rice code here
  • Canadian CRC Longley Rice here
  • Terrain Analysis PackageTAP
  • SPLAT, Free RF Signal Propagation, Loss, And Terrain analysis tool SPLAT
  • On the Validation of Radio Propagation Models/Hagen Paul Pfeifer here
  • Radio Mobile, Free GUI for Longley Rice Model here
  • Wiki on radio propagation modeling here
  • RadioWorks, useful radio tools here
  • Wiki on radio propagationhere

  • Radio Propagation Modling Tools
    Here is a list of Commercial products used in assessing radio coverage.

  • CRC CovLite here
  • CRC Predict, UHF/VHF here
  • Canadian Terrain (and other) Databases here
  • Cellular Expert here
  • Remcom, Electromagnetic Simulation Software here
  • Herald Pro here
  • Mentum, Planet, etc here
  • Pathloss Radio Propagation Tool here
  • Sitadel, Volcano Propagation Modeling here
  • Aircom, cellular here
  • Syscalc, RF calculator here
  • Tutorial on Radio-Electronics here
  • EDX here
  • RFCAD here
  • Wavecall here
  • WinProp (windows based) here
  • Tutorial, from John Hopkins University here
  • Actix, Radioplan here
  • Celplan here
  • Forsk Atoll here
  • Astrix International here
  • TAP here
  • Radio Mobile here
  • qPredict here
  • Radio Mobile online here
  • QradioPredict here
  • Splat here
  • NSMS RF interference planning here

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