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Industry Canada Frequency Search
Here is a way that you can search the Industry Canada > Radio, Spectrum and Telecommunications > Spectrum Direct > Geographical Area Search database with a Google Maps (API) graphical user interface.

To learn how to use it, just click on the submit button, then a marker; after that, it's intuitive. This is especially useful as a tool to identify microwave channels in crowded bands. You can find Industry Canada's search page here.

Here is a way that you can search the Industry Canada AM/FM/TV TAFL database tables and obtain a datasheet of allotmnets and assignments, commonly known as BDBS. This is a limited version. The application aids in the automation of the process of preparing the technical information required to develop new FM undertakings in Canada. This demonstration version will allow an authorized user to search the database for FM assignments and allocations by a user defined criteria. Users must accept the End User Licence Agreement to see results.

Access to Industry Canada's website is here. The demonstration version enables the FM radial search capability. Fully qualified users may gain password control to all features and an up-to-date databese. You can find the Industry Canada TAFL tables: here.

FixOp / A Facilities Maintenance management System
This is an application that can be used to automate the maintenance of any system or service. FixOp is a WEB application that allows you to log faults to a database, initiate assignments to remedy the faults and to monitor the status of your systems at all times. You may review a sample here.

This application operates best if it is mounted on any server in a secure environment. Contact day5 for pricing and assistance.

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