15 Years of Professional Services in Telecommunications

day5's 15 years of success:

We opened our doors in 2003, recognizing an opportunity for professional services in the converging telecommunications and broadcasting industries in areas of data, video and audio. Since that time, "convergence" has become de rigueur and most industries advantage themselves of the basic abiliy to communicate all forms of data, narowband to broadband, over their own or leased networks, usually in mobiile forms.

Today, day5 continues its' strategic approach ... that is; to maintain a broad knowledge of telecommunications technologies, focused, but not limited to, wireless concepts, and how they relate to use by carriers, utilities, broadcasters and governments.

Some examples of day5's projects are illustrated below:

Hydro Utilities

Feb 10, 2013

As Hydro Utilities began modernization with the Smartgrid, day5 accepted projects with design and development for network and communications systems to support the grid.

The projects were (and are) comprehensive in nature and include, among many activities; Wireless mesh networking design and development, point-to-multipoint WiMAX trials, licensed point-to-point microwave design and assessments, strategic performance assessments for senior management and detailed technical specification preparation for competetive tendering.

day5 has carried out the work as a team player and subcontractor to major consulting contracts by others. The projects commensed in 2008 and it continues.

day5's work includes these activities:
  • Strategic technical planning for telecommunications
  • Radio systems and networking design and construction management
  • Technical studies in communications and wireless technology
  • Software coding including: Python/HTML/SQL/PHP/JavaScript and AJAX
  • Point to multi-point wireless propagation and coverage studies
  • Point to point microwave path studies and design
  • Telecommunications wired/wireless systems traffic studies
  • Procurement management/tendering for telecommunications systems
  • Radio frequency safety and Canadian Safety Code 6 studies
  • Engineering team leadership and project management
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Telecommunications Planning

Feb 10, 2013

For CBC/Radio-Canada, day5 partnered with Bogdanowicz Consulting Engineering Inc (BCEI) to assist the organization in its evolutinary growth.

Our projects with CBC/Radio-Canada have eclipsed some 8 years, commensing with participation in the strategic technical planning for the Network and subsequently, assisting the organization in conceptual technical system planning, preparing specifications and competetevely tendering for systems and services as required for the orderly growth of the organization.

Network services, such as; the Next Generation Converged Network, long distance and mobile voice and data communications, IP-VPN and broadcast networks have been acquired and updated under the protocols specifications and RFP's developed.

WiMAX Networks

Feb 2013

day5 partnered with Sears and Associates Inc. to assist Primus Canada in creating Canada's first 3.5 GHz WiMAX point-to-multipoint network. The work was completed with consultation with DoCoMo Japan.

A network of base stations was established in Hamilton Ontario in a configuration that facilitated system testing, equipment evaluations, and on-the-ground drive testing for detailed performance testing.

Our work included frequency planning, site selection, real estate (Sears and Associates) civils design, site planning, construction management, compliance testing and Health Canada, Safety Code 6 evaluations

Following completion of the Hamilton, Ontario network, a similar network was configured in North Toronto, Ontario.

About Us

Core Values:
  • Act with integrity
  • Act with objectivity
  • Be innovative
Our Way:
  • Understand the project requirements well
  • Develop relevant solutions
  • Always seek the customers best interests
  • Close with meaningful results


  • RF Engineering
  • Wireless Mesh Networking
  • Smartmetering
  • PathLoss
  • RF Safety Code 6
  • Systems Procurement
  • RF facility design/build
  • IEC 61850/SCADA
  • 802.16, 802.25.4g, 802.11x
  • WiMax, WiSun & LTE
  • MS Office